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Bemus Point Elementary School

41 Liberty St.
Bemus Point, NY 14712


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Pre K      Kindergarten 3rd Grade
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2nd Grade  5th Grade

Bemus Point Elementary participated in celebrating National Dance week, and have submitted our dance mob video to the National Dance Week dance mob competition.  Last year our school took first place in the popular vote and one a small cash reward, in addition to national recognition.  Our dance mob video can be voted on at the website:


Voters can vote two times from each device.  Voting closes May 25, 2015.

This years dance mob featured two routines, Kindergarten, first and second graders danced to the song Gummy Bear, and third, fourth and fifth graders danced to the song Limbo, by Daddy Yankee.


The dance mob has become a tradition now at Bemus Point Elementary school, and is highly anticipated every year!  We appreciate the community support and votes!



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