School Messenger Text Messages Coming!

School Messenger Text Messages Coming Soon!

We are adding text messaging capability to SchoolMessenger, the system we use now for phone calls and emails. The system will be configured to send text messages to cell phone numbers in SchoolMessenger whose recipients have agreed to receive them. Over the next two weeks, we will be encouraging our parents to confirm we have accurate phone numbers and encourage them to participate.

There are only two requirements for a recipient to receive messages from you via SMS text: an opt-in confirmation from the recipient's wireless device and the recipient's wireless number imported into your SchoolMessenger account. These requirements address any concerns related to the accuracy of the database and costs associated with receiving text messages.

Recipients can easily opt-in by simply sending the work YES, via text message, to the number 68453. We will be inviting parents to do this over the next two weeks and continue throughout the year. The official SchoolMessenger opt-in message is scheduled to go out to all parents at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, October 6th

The wireless number(s) must be in the SchoolMessenger database associated with a student or staff ID number; these numbers are updated nightly. If a recipient's number is added or changed in our student information database (PowerSchool), the new information will automatically be pulled from the designated fields. 

We need to verify that the wireless number we have in PowerSchool is the correct one for you to receive these text messages. If you have already updated the student demographic form that was mailed to you early in September, we have your current information. If you did not return this form, please contact Lisa Kahle if you child attends Maple Grove or Cindy Martin, if your child attends Bemus Elementary, with your wireless number prior to October 2nd  so we can verify it matches our records. Once again, the official SchoolMessenger opt-in message is scheduled to go out to all parents at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, October 6th.

The ability to send text messages is another method for us to provide up-to-date and clear communication with our entire Bemus Point Central School community. Thank you for your help!

With Respect,
Joe Reyda