Health Screening


1) VISION SCREENING: Vision screening is provided annually to all students at BPE, and 7th and 10th grade at MG

2) HEARING SCREENING: Hearing screening is provided annually to all students at BPE,  and 7th and 10th grade at MG                               

3) PHYSICAL EXAM: A physical exam is required for any new student entering Bemus Point Central School District. Also children in K, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th are required to have a physical from either their personal physician, or our School Physician. Students at Maple Grove playing sports are required to have an annual physical performed by our School

4 SCOLIOSIS SCREENING: Annual Scoliosis Screening is done for

  *If you choose to decline any of the above health screenings, you must send in a written and signed statement to the Health Office stating you do not want your child given a physical or a screening evaluation, and provide the screening information results in detail from your personal physician.

   The Health Office will notify you in writing, along with the screening results, ONLY if there is an abnormal finding that would require further medical diagnosis or treatment.

                 "Your child's academic success depends on good health"