Welcome to the Bemus Point Central Schools Technology Page

 Our mission as a district is to provide the most personalized experience possible for each of our students. Technology supports this mission in a number of ways:

Teachers utilize technology to access and deliver quality curriculum and instructional materials which can be tailored to each student’s individual learning needs.

Adaptive tools engage students, empower students to take charge of their own learning, and facilitate continuous student growth while providing teachers with valuable data regarding each student’s progress or lack thereof. Teachers may then utilize this data to tailor their instruction to the needs of individual and/or groups of students.

Technology also provides a vehicle for access to a wealth of knowledge and resources for teachers, parents and students.

Technology is utilized to foster collaboration between students, parents and teachers.

Our vision statement includes a sentence that states “computers, as learning tools, enhance both the product and process of knowledge acquisition”. It is the district’s commitment to provide our faculty and staff with the equipment they need to meet our district’s mission and goals

To this end and due the strong commitment of our Board of Education, Administrators, Staff and the community, Bemus Point Central School District’s technology has been evolving rapidly over the past several years,

Our district was one of the first in the county to implement a one to one device program for our students. This coming school year (2016-2017) students in grades six through twelve will have chromebooks provided to them to use at school and at home during the school year.  Students in Kindergarten through grade two have tablets, chromebooks and desktop computers in their classrooms.  Students in grades three through five have mobile chromebook carts as well as desktop computers in the classrooms available for their use during the school day.  Each or our district school buildings has a new Windows based PC computer lab.

In addition, the district has leveraged Google Apps For Education, and Chromebook devices to implement our vision and goals economically and efficiently. By effectively utilizing these resources we have been able to increase student engagement, productivity and collaboration, and extend learning beyond school hours.